About company

S&O LTD has been designed based on our desire to concentrate in one place all the modern trading needs: the most mobile, secure and flexible way for cargo haulage - container transportation and the possibility to procure high-quality products in the markets round the world.

With this purpose, in 2013 we have combined efforts of experts in the international trade and container transportation. Today S&O LTD is rapidly developing Malaysian company, which is increasing its presence in the container haulage market and in the international trading. The main specialization of the company is trading and transportation of agricultural goods and derived products in marine containers. Since 2018 S&O LTD has provided logistics services for delivering vehicles and equipment into container.

Our mission

Our mission is to be guide for our customers in the complex world of modern goods transportation and trade business. We are always the first to come and experience the latest modern logistics solutions. We are first to check suppliers and the product for our customers to be confident in the results when working with us.



S&O LTD offers its rich experience in trading wide range of agriculture goods and derived products. The company headquarter is located in Malaysia, but we constantly monitor the situation on the relevant grain markets all around the world, so we are always able to find goods for you where it is cheaper at the moment.


Our company supply new and preowned press equipment for metal processing. S&O LTD also provides engineering and maintenance services for press equipment. A thorough knowledge of the transport process allows us to draw up the optimal final price on the product you are interested in.


S&O LTD has a wide network of car dealers in the USA, the UAE and China. The company provides full services of car trading such as selection and survey of vehicles, buying cars on auctions and local markets, shipping cars into containers to the port of destination.


Container transportation

The advantages of container haulage are particularly important in the agricultural products transportation. You can get the best cost of transportation with us, because we have been working with the majority of the world’s container shipping lines and are planning sea passages with a minimum number of transit ports.

Transportation of oversized cargo

Rich experience in handling and transportation of oversized cargo allows us to provide our customers with flexible solutions by optimal prices. Generally we organize delivery of press-machine and its parts from Europe to India and the Far East using multimodal transportation.

Transportation of liquid bulk cargo in flexitanks

The use of flexitanks in logistics is the current trend in transportation of liquid bulk cargo. S&O LTD use only high quality flexitanks proven over the years for shipping food liquids and industrial chemicals. Sunflower oil, wine, fatty acid and other liquid cargo are successfully shipped by flexitanks with S&O LTD.


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